What Is a Tongue Tie?

Apr 27, 2022 | News, Wellness Care

M. Elise Graham, MD

A tongue tie is a band of tissue underneath the tongue that may make it difficult for the tongue to move. However, every person has a band under the tongue that can be seen or felt and it does not always cause problems.

Tongue ties may make it difficult for a baby to latch onto the breast to breastfeed. This can make it hard for a baby to receive milk from the breast and may cause nipple pain for the parent. However, tongue tie is not the only reason a baby might have trouble feeding. In older children, a tongue tie may cause difficulty pronouncing certain sounds in speech. Tongue ties do not cause problems with sleep, breathing, reflux, or the growth of a child’s face. In teenagers and adults, a tongue tie might make it difficult to play instruments, kiss, or lick ice cream.

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