Top 7 Kitchen Safety Kids to Teach Your Kids

May 18, 2018 | News, Nutrition

While cooking is fun, being safe is the most important ingredient of any successful dish.  Here are a few Kitchen Safety Rules for Kids to get you started.

 1. Always ask an adult’s permission before cooking in the kitchen

This may seem obvious at first, but as your kids get more comfortable and independent in the kitchen they may forget to ask at times. I often hear my little chef rummaging around in the kitchen because he wants to surprise the family with one of his dishes.  But as sweet as that sounds, I have to remind him that an adult has to be present to make sure that he stays safe even if he is doing all the work.

2.  Wash Your Hands

Little hands often carry big germs.  Clean hands are so important to food safety and should be the first step before touching any food or appliance. Just remind your little one what they have been touching and ask them if they want it in their food.  This always gets an “eeewwww” in my home.

3.  Clean As You Go

Cleaning spills and messes as you go will prevent slips and falls.  Plus it makes it easier to have a clean kitchen at the end. Like we always say at The Step Stool Chef “Remember Your ABCsAlways BCleaning”

4.  Use a Potholder or Towel to Carry and Hold Hot Items

Trying to handle hot plates, pots, or appliances can cause burns or you to drop food on the floor.  Try getting a colorful towel or potholder that is just for them so they will be excited to use it.

5. Practice Good Knife Safety Tips

I taught my kids how to use a knife at a pretty early age.  First, we started with plastic to-go knives at the toddler age then at the preschool and kindergarten years we upgraded to more kid-friendly plastic knives.  Now my 8-year-old has graduated to kitchen and chef knives.  I believe that teaching your kids the proper way to use a knife is safer than teaching them to avoid it all together.

6. Ask Before You Lick

My kids like to lick EVERYTHING… plates, spoons, their fingers (even the countertops… don’t judge me). To make sure they don’t consume raw ingredients that can make them sick, let your kids know that they have to ask before they can lick.

7. Listen, Listen, Listen

This really should be rule number 1, 2, AND 3.  Cooking with your kids is a great way to build listening skills and practice following directions.  My kids get so excited to get started that we often talk about “Listening Before You Act”.   This is a great way to make sure they don’t harm themselves in moments of excitement because they touched something that may be hot, sharp, or slippery.



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