Is it safe for my baby to travel in a car seat a few hours at a time?

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Newborn Care, News

Once COVID-19 vaccines arrived and travel restrictions eased, a lot of families began planning trips again. But with flu, RSV and COVID still spreading, many parents are opting for longer car rides rather than traveling on crowded planes or other public transportation. 

If you’re considering a road trip with your infant, here are some tips to help keep your baby safe and comfortable. 

Check the car safety seat

If you plan on taking a long drive, it is important to make sure that your infant’s car seatis properly installed. Be sure to read the instructions that came with the seat. The car seat needs to be rear-facing and installed at the correct angle. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for installation angle helps prevent your baby’s head from slumping down in the seat in a chin-to-chest position that blocks their airway. Also, be sure the five-point harness system is correctly adjusted and pulled snug to your baby at all times while riding in the car.

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