An Update from the Offices of Children’s Medical Group

May 5, 2020 | Coronavirus, News

After almost two months of living through a pandemic, we’ve all settled into some new routines.  Here’s what’s been going on at the offices of Children’s Medical Group: 

  1. We are open and continue to see patients for wellness and sick visits.  We are reserving morning visit times for well patients needing check-ups, sport physicals, and immunizations.  In order to promote social distancing, we have closed our waiting rooms and patients are roomed for appointments directly from their vehicles.  We thoroughly clean the surfaces of each room between appointments and all of our office staff are wearing masks throughout the work day.
  2. We are able to test sick patients for coronavirus as needed at CMG.  Our practice has not experienced a shortage of testing supplies.  We send samples to an outside laboratory and results are typically returned to us within 2 to 3 days.  As needed, we are also able to test our patients who are not sick, yet have come into contact with someone known to be infected with coronavirus.  If your child has had a contact with an infected person, please call us for advice.
  3. We are quite grateful to find that children are faring relatively well in this pandemic.  Although there continue to be concerns that children may be asymptomatic carriers, serious illness seems to be very uncommon in the pediatric age group.  
  4. We continue to provide telemedicine visits when appropriate.  We’ve all learned a lot about the role that remote visits can have in our practice, and the parents of our patients have told us how much they appreciate the convenience of these visits.  Telemedicine now comprises much of our after-hours practice. As insurers will allow, it seems likely that we’ll continue a telemedicine practice in some form, even as pandemic concerns are eased.

In short, the physicians of Children’s Medical Group are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our patients throughout this pandemic.  Please call us at 601-362-8776.

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